What is available for V90 CC


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I'm in the processing negotiating the purchase of a 2017 V90 CC from the dealer and want to consider Polestar upgrades but the dealer says the only upgrade is the engine optimization software. I think this includes the engine/ transmission for $1400+ but I know I have read online that there is more available from Polestar including Brembro 6 piston front calipers w/upgraded rotors/ Ohlin front struts/ wheels w/performance tires/ exhaust upgrades/ suspension-chassis upgrades w/front strut bars. I can't find any info on exactly the cost and in detail what is actually included; I sent an email directly to Polestar and receive info on accessories like tee shirts but nothing about car performance. The dealer has no clue as to what Polestar is offering and referred me to buy a Polestar engineered car which is outdated since Polestar is now an outside supplier. Can any you direct me to a source for the above upgraded Polestar components beside the software???