Help, 2 failed propshafts in last year what's going on??


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2006 XC90 V8
Hi everyone, I'm hoping other XC90 owners can shed some light into my issue. Love this SUV otherwise but being stranded by 2 broken propshafts in last year is making my wife say "sell it!"
I'll be brief as possible but here's the background...

Bought 2006 XC90 v8 for wife in Aug 2017 as we have our first little one. Of course I drive it some days. In Nov 2017 I took it to work, lots of snow on the ground coming back from a lunch break I stepped into the gas good n strong from a standstill to see if the all season tires would spin in the snow (first winter with this awd). Big "bang!" and I backed off went n parked. When leaving work had major vibrations above 80kms and finally the had to pull over get it towed home. After inspection, the shaft sheared off where it goes into the CV joint bolted to the transmission output. ***Note when pulled the was an aftermarket propshafts the previous owner installed. Of course I had ordered a replacement before knowing this and this new shaft ended up being exactly the same model with same stampings I ordered from Rockauto.....blamed it on cheap aftermarket parts but now I'm stuck installing same.

Now in summer sitting a stop light I again stepped good n hard say 2/3 throttle(family in car so not really hard) to leave light quick(my lane was ending ahead and I needed to merge... Off the light same "bang!" Pulled off, got towed home...
Second shaft broke exactly the same place!!

I ask all of you is this garbage aftermarket parts? Or... Do I have a problem with something binding either in trans or rear end causing failure?? I don't know why the factory shaft was replaced by previous owner.

Do xc90s have this problem? When researching before buying I never saw anyone mention this failure just rebuilding CV joints...

I'm hoping I can find a low mileage used factory Volvo replacement (can't afford new on a 12yr old vehicle) but don't want to trash another shaft.

Please help with options please!

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